Celebrating Children

Keepsakes of children's voices in the form of VoiceGift; Bristol

Where do you record that your four year old calls bread ‘floppy toast’ or capture your eleven year old’s excitement at starting senior school?

A VoiceGift bespoke recording can do just this. We can create a lasting keepsake of your children as they are right now.

We talk to your children to find out what’s important to them, how they feel about the big things in life and what they like best about their nearest and dearest. We ask about their first memories, their favourite hobbies and their unique take on their world. The things that make them special. Uncompromising, honest, funny and sweet, this makes a unique gift for parents, godparents and grandparents alike.

A VoiceGift is an ideal way to commemorate the rites and passages of childhood; starting school, the first communion, bar mitzvah, becoming a teenager – all the times that are special to your family.

A bespoke VoiceGift recording would make a wonderful surprise for parents, perhaps from grandparents. Similarly, we think grandparents would love to receive a VoiceGift of their grandchildren, particularly if they don’t live locally and sometimes miss out on those funny daily events and little milestones. A VoiceGift is the perfect way to capture their grandchildren’s delightful take on the world.

Because we offer reduced fees for each additional child, you might want to consider joining with friends to treat yourselves to a VoiceGift recording day. Each child will create their own, separate VoiceGift so you can record them as they are now and enjoy together for years to come.

There is nothing more personal, more heart warming, than the voice. This is what we capture. We do it beautifully to create a unique, personalised keepsake that will increase in sentimental value as the years go by.

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