Life Stories

Keepsakes that form a legacy of one's life, personalised Voicegifts for the same; Bristol

Life stories make us who we are. Ours, our parents, our grandparents.

A VoiceGift gives you the opportunity to collect and record the life stories of those closest to you in a natural, informal way.

Grandparents will enjoy reminiscing about the life events that shaped them. Their bespoke recording can be passed down the generations in a way that brings it all to life more than a family tree.

Every family has some fascinating life stories. Whether it’s your Granddads’ experiences in the war or your Mother’s life growing up in Ireland, we can help capture it. Permanently.

We all have life stories. This is your opportunity to tell yours.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a unique, personalised gift for a special birthday, why not club together with other family members to create something really extraordinary.

There is nothing more personal, more heart warming than the voice. Capture it forever for future generations to enjoy.

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