New Baby

Celebrate a newborn with a keepsake for all times, VoiceGift; Bristol

Newborn babies are special. So are their parents. A VoiceGift is a unique, personalised gift to mark the occasion of a new baby in one’s life; something that parents – and the baby – can listen to for years to come.

Nothing changes life quite as much as a new baby. But it can be hard to capture those precious first feelings of joy, protectiveness, vulnerability and hope. Sleepless nights tend to get in the way.

With a VoiceGift bespoke recording, we’ll help to record how it felt to be expecting, how the pregnancy was, what it’s really like to be a new parent and, above all, your hopes and dreams for your new bundle of joy.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a truly special gift for new parents, a VoiceGift will charm and delight. Why not club together with other friends or family members to give this unique bespoke keepsake? We think it beats the usual newborn gifts – many of which are forgotten as time goes by.

A VoiceGift is a truly unique and lasting keepsake. A beautiful, heart warming personalised gift that parents – and eventually baby / child / adult – will enjoy time and time again.

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Celebrate the joy of having a new baby at home with our VoiceGift.