The quality was superb - my voice sounded amazing! It is a wonderful moment in our history that we will treasure and play on special occasions.

J and S on their Wedding VoiceGift

I commissioned a VoiceGift for my husband's 50th birthday present. I wanted the children to record something special for him. I was very pleased with the result, the quality was great, the children sounded very clear and natural. My husband was very happy with it. I think the worth of this gift will increase over the years I would happily recommend this gift to others.

Gill, Bristol

Just a quick note to say a big thank you for the wonderful VoiceGifts. You have captured my daughter just as she is and she really enjoyed making the recording. I am also delighted with the one that I made for the kids. It's a very personal permanent record of my feelings for them as young children which will be lovely to look back on for us all. Thank you so much for a very special family keepsake. And you made it completely stress free!

Charlotte Weston

Wow! I have to say I was not ready to be moved so much by listening to my daughter on her Voice Gift! Thank you so much for capturing something that we all take for granted everyday, but is otherwise lost each day we go to bed. I'll treasure this little metal tin for ever! Thank you again.

Joff Cooke

It is a brilliant idea!!! This was the best present I have ever received. I found it very touching and emotional while also making me laugh as well as cry. I really enjoyed the first time I listened to it and think it is a brilliant memento to keep and listen in the future, I am looking forward playing it again in a couple of years time bringing back memories of the innocence of my children’s youth. It is amazing how Trish makes people feel comfortable and manages to engage you to the natural thoughts of your loved ones. This wonderful gift not only brought great joy to myself but also lots of other family members who I sent it to as a present to my family in Spain who loved listening to it as well. Thank you very much Trish.

Amparo Ethan and Amara’s mum

I recorded a VoiceGift to give to my mum for Mother’s Day. Since I moved away from home to go to university I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like and I know that she misses having me around. Now that I’ve finished uni and started my grown-up life, I wanted to give her something really special to say thank you for being such an amazing Mum and always giving me so much support. Making the recording was a little bit emotional in parts, but Trish was so good at making me feel at ease and not at all embarrassed. The recording is spot on and I can’t wait for her to listen to her VoiceGift, I know she’s going to love it.

Louise on her Mother's Day VoiceGift

We commissioned a VoiceGift of my mum who is in her late 70’s. Trish really put mum at ease and her questions caught the essence of mum perfectly. I’m so pleased that we have this legacy to share and I think it’s fantastic that the children can learn more about their Gran’s life. We’re looking forward to putting it away safely and discovering it again and again in the future

Pete, son of Carleen

We thought J's VoiceGift was timeless and enchanting, and will constantly increase in its value as time passes and his voice changes. He was very natural and at ease which is great.

J's dad

Just hearing their voices was wonderful. I liked their references to current interests and longer term significant people and places. Good range of questions I thought.


It was good to listen closely to an exchange that was not generated by me, in which my kids were not aware of my presence… of course, I was not there, but had I been the discourse would have been quite different.

Andrew, Oliver's dad

The VoiceGift was delightful and funny. You asked the questions very clearly and in an age appropriate way which is really well done and my child understood the questions.  The stuff about the heavens, about old people, was pure delight and loveliness.

Indi’s mum

Crystal clear recording that felt as if I were in the same room listening to them. I found out delightful things about my children that I wasn’t aware of. It was so emotionally powerful, it brought tears to my eyes.

Bristol dad, JJS

The thing that Tom and I found most valuable about the VoiceGift was how it was a real reminder of what the wedding was all about. In the craziness of the weeks before, it was such a hectic time with so many jobs to be done and people to see. It was so great to sit down one evening, a week or so before the wedding and listen to it and really be reminded why we were getting married - thank you!

Claire and Tom on their Wedding VoiceGift

In terms of content, we loved the questions asked and it was very interesting and entertaining at times to listen to Elias's answers, especially to questions that we may not have thought of asking him yet ourselves.

Elias’s mum and dad

The recording for me captured a part of my daughter's life that I otherwise would have lost for ever!  It was such a special gift that I will always treasure. It was the first time that I realised that she has real opinions on what is going on in the world and what her real thoughts are about life, the universe and beyond....... It brought both tears to my eyes and a smile to my cheeks. I would recommend that every parent should have one.

Clare, Emily’s mum

I liked the fact that Kaya was answering questions that she’d not normally get the chance to reflect upon in everyday life; I liked the fact that the recording was a great snapshot of how she is at the moment. I thought it was really moving and touching. I felt very proud of my daughter when I listened to it.

Samantha, Kaya’s mum

Very moved to hear him talking in response to someone other than myself as a parent. It gave a different perspective on him suddenly and he seemed more grown up. It was lovely hearing him and he felt extremely precious.

Oliver’s mum

It was lovely to hear my son, who does not give a lot away, express himself in a fluent and giving way, and to hear my daughter express her happy life. I loved the gentle tone.

Jacqui, Django and Kitty's mum

I felt comfortable during the recording. It's a really nice keepsake to have. I liked the way the answers were mixed.

E and S’s wedding Voicegift