What we do

VoiceGifts are unique presents and personalised keepsakes: beautiful bespoke recordings of, or for, the people that matter most.

We all have defining moments in life. Some happy, some sad. Most of us want to mark these moments but life often gets in the way. We adore our kids but the sleepless nights take over. We cherish our partner but the wedding plans leave little time to express what we really love about them.

VoiceGifts capture these moments for you, as lovingly created bespoke keepsakes so that you can share and enjoy them time and time again.

To make a unique Voicegift, we combine top notch recording equipment and technical skills with a friendly, approachable and above all, interested person who will tease out what’s important.

We create your bespoke recording in three easy steps:

1. An initial telephone chat (no hard sell, we promise!).

This allows us to get a feel for what’s important to you and gives you the opportunity to gauge whether you feel comfortable working with us.

If you decide to go ahead, we’ll send you brief information about the next steps which will include some suggestions about what you might want to include in your bespoke recording.

2. We visit you in your home.

If you live in Bristol, we pitch up with our discreet recording equipment and ask you a series of questions designed to capture your thoughts and feelings in a simple, heart warming and often deeply profound way. This can be quite an emotional experience – be prepared for lots of laughter and maybe a few tears.

If you live further afield, we may still be able to offer VoiceGift provided, of course, that you are happy to meet our additional costs.

3. We create your personalised gift or unique keepsake.

We review your recording and skilfully edit out our questions to leave you with a beautiful and unique gift or keepsake, set to music previously chosen by you, from our eclectic choice of music.

This is then transferred onto a personalised CD featuring a photo and message, beautifully packaged and sent to you usually 10 working days after the initial recording.

We love what we do and want you to love it too….

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